eprentise accelerates ERP simplification efforts with transformation software that helps Oracle® E-Business Suite customers become more agile as their business requirements change.

Is it the right time to sell your business? If the answer is yes, there are some fundamental steps that you should be taking to maximize its value.

Companies need to do four things: first, determine what part of the business you are carving out, and what systems and data are needed to support the business’s operations.

Second, create a transition team to focus on creating value for the new entity, and to develop a plan for deliverables for the divestiture.

Third, negotiate a transition services agreement.

And finally, remember that it’s not over when the sale is complete – you must focus on separating the people, the processes, and the technologies as quickly and efficiently as possible.

eprentise software has been used to support nearly $160 billion in transactions for Oracle® E-Business Suite customers.