With eprentise Reorganization software, companies can make major restructuring changes to Oracle® E-Business Suite quickly and painlessly. Change or move any configurations or set-ups and all related transactions within an EBS instance including software solutions for merging, separating, or moving ledgers, legal entities, operating units, inventory orgs, changing calendars, currency, or inventory costing method changes.

Make major Oracle® E-Business Suite configuration and structure changes and maintain data history and integrity without reimplementation. With easy-to-use drop-down menus and mapping tools, eprentise Reorganization software automatically generates all of the code needed to reorganize a source into a target. Many projects can be completed – including test runs – in a matter of weeks.

How It Works


You identify a source and a target for either configuration or structural changes.

Our Reorganization software identifies the impact of the changes everywhere within the EBS environment and generates the code to execute the rules required to make the change in the right sequence to maintain the relational and data integrity.

Result: Make ANY change within ANY EBS module within ANY customer environment while preserving history and data integrity.

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See how our Reorganization software works, including examples and screen shots.

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With eprentise Reorganization software, you can:

  • Reorganize any configuration data or structures to align ledgers, legal entities, operating units and inventory organizations

  • Remove operational silos and leverage shared data to reduce costs and synthesize business processes

  • Facilitate efficient and effective decision-making in the new, resulting organization

  • Provide better customer service and leverage markets because EBS reflects your business changes

eprentise software has been used to support nearly $160 billion in transactions for Oracle® E-Business Suite customers.*

Reorganization Software
How It Works
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Reorganization Software