With eprentise software, the child company will maintain continuity of operations as a stand-alone entity with all history, only their own familiar data, and familiar systems. The selling company can get rid of data that is no longer needed. There’s no need to start from scratch.

Using any filter criteria, you determine what data remains in the source (parent) instance and what related data is moved or copied to a new (child) instance. Both databases are complete, functioning, and fully configured with only the information relevant to each continuing company.

How It Works


You define the criteria to filter out the divested company’s data.

The instance for the divested company is based on any criteria that can be used to delineate the portion of the business being transferred to the child entity.


eprentise software purges all data of the parent company from the divested company’s instance.

Reduce the size of the parent company’s entity’s instance by eliminating data not needed by that entity.


Result: A fully functioning instance for the divested company is created.

No training or implementation required because the instance is fully configured and ready for operation.

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With our Divestiture software, you can easily divest data based on any type of criteria, including:

  • Legal entities

  • Ledgers or sets of books

  • Business or organization units

  • Product lines

  • Customers

  • Regions

eprentise software has been used to support nearly $160 billion in transactions for Oracle® E-Business Suite customers.*

Divestiture Software
How It Works
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