eprentise Consolidation software can merge one or more diverse Oracle® E-Business Suite instances at the same release and patch level so companies can streamline their EBS footprint, do business as a single global company, and reduce the total cost of ownership. Automate the process of moving EBS data into the target instance in the right sequence while maintaining data integrity using eprentise software.

eprentise software relies on its built-in knowledge base of EBS to provide a streamlined and cost-effective way to consolidate different instances after a merger or acquisition or a move to a centralized data center or shared services center. With just a few buttons, eprentise Consolidation software generates all of the required code to standardize data, resolve duplicates, share master data, and synchronize business processes across multiple implementations of EBS. The resulting single database is a synthesis of all the source EBS database instances with all the history.

How It Works


Your business merger or acquisition occurs.

Use eprentise software to consolidate your multiple EBS instances.

Result: You now have a single, fully functional EBS instance with data integrity & history.

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See how our Consolidation software works, including examples and screen shots.

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Using eprentise Consolidation software:

  • Reduces support, maintenance, and costs of maintaining separate systems

  • Establishes a common understanding for crucial business concepts by sharing data and processes

  • Establishes standards across the enterprise while also providing a “single source of truth” for enterprise operations

eprentise software has been used to support nearly $160 billion in transactions for Oracle® E-Business Suite customers.*

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How It Works
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